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Special 30 Day Free Trial Offer  MET Solutions is a Certified Solutions Provider for kb_cert_solutions_prov_highres1Klosebuy… the premier SaaS platform to drive foot-traffic to the merchants door.  Perfect for ISO and Processor to provide added value to your services.  With Klosebuy, you can begin advertising your business today.

MET Solutions is an RPost Partner and an Authorized Distributor of the RMail security service suite.  RMail empowers email for businesses of all sizes, across all industries and departments with its Security, Compliance and Productivity tools for Email.

MET Solutions is an Authorized Representative for IMPESA® developers of innovative electronic payment solutions for financial institutions. IMPESA’s SaaS FinTech product Monibyte® allows users real-time card control via web browser or smartphone. With the ability to set fine-tuned parameters on all aspects of spending on any card, Monibyte lets users manage expenses instantly.

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